Wood Cornice Pattern

by on July 30, 2011

If you have the equipment in your garage or a handy husband you can make your own wood Cornices.  Home Decor 1.2.3 just launch a new Cornice Pattern for the Do It Yourself cornice maker.  The  new pattern includes seven cornice styles.

Cornice Board Pattern

Cornice Board Pattern

This collection includes the step-by-step instructions, full size patterns and the DVD to create 7 different cornice board styles.

Kits are available and are custom made to order.  It’s much more work to build a wooden cornice than a Styrofoam cornice but the rewards are great.  You will need upholstery tools, staple gun, Dacron batting to cover the cornice, upholstery tack board, and accent decorative cording.

 The patterns can be purchased at Home Fashions U

Below is a photo of the pattern front and back.

Home Decor 1.2.3 Cornice Pattern      Home Decor 1.2.3 Pattern Back

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