New Cosmopolitan Cornice Kit

by on July 31, 2011

Cosmopolitan Cornice Starter KitInitially available only in 15″ drop, the Cosmopolitan cornice is of the same high quality as our popular Avalon cornices. Instead of three contoured surfaces, as is on the Avalon cornice face, the Cosmopolitan has one flat surface.

If you’re looking for unique window treatments, our cornices are easy and FUN to create. We offer several heights (drops) that will fit any window style. You can create professional cornices for windows as wide as 50 feet.

Our products are “Do-It-Yourself” projects resulting in a professional finish. Light weight, expanded polystyrene sections are Cosmopolitan Cornice Starter Kit simply glued together with a low temperature glue gun to create a cornice for any size window. Mounting brackets are provided for every 30″ of cornice preventing “any dipping or swaying”.

Bring out the creative decorator in you with a couple of our other products as well. You can change the entire ambiance of your master bedroom and bathroom. Add a bath valance for finishing touches!

Cosmopolitan Cornice Starter Kit


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Create It Decor Avalon Cornice Kit 15 Inch

Create It Decor Avalon Cornice Kit 15 Inch

In 99, I had a small “gift” company.  One of our representatives showed me a cornice called the EZ cornice.  It was soft foam with grooves in it for tucking fabric into and it was glued to a piece of cardboard.  The pieces were held together with ny ties.  It was a great concept, but the application was lacking in functionality.  I started doing research and came across a company that made packaging materials from expanded polystyrene.  In working with them, we developed the ability to hot wire cut the cornice profiles that we had designed.

I then patented our cornices, the bay parts and the mounting brackets that come with the kits.  After a couple of years of wire cutting the cornices, we contracted with a company here in Phoenix to mold the parts for us, giving us far greater efficiency and the ability to increase our volume of business.

I am proud to be able to say that our products are 100% American made!!  We have had many vendors attempt to persuade us to manufacture in China, but have always refused to do so.

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