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by on July 31, 2011

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Create It Decor Avalon Cornice Kit 15 Inch

Create It Decor Avalon Cornice Kit 15 Inch

In 99, I had a small “gift” company.  One of our representatives showed me a cornice called the EZ cornice.  It was soft foam with grooves in it for tucking fabric into and it was glued to a piece of cardboard.  The pieces were held together with ny ties.  It was a great concept, but the application was lacking in functionality.  I started doing research and came across a company that made packaging materials from expanded polystyrene.  In working with them, we developed the ability to hot wire cut the cornice profiles that we had designed.

I then patented our cornices, the bay parts and the mounting brackets that come with the kits.  After a couple of years of wire cutting the cornices, we contracted with a company here in Phoenix to mold the parts for us, giving us far greater efficiency and the ability to increase our volume of business.

I am proud to be able to say that our products are 100% American made!!  We have had many vendors attempt to persuade us to manufacture in China, but have always refused to do so.

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